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Deltacom, known as ITC^Deltacom until 2006, was a regional competitive local exchange carrier operating in the southern United States, primarily in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Deltacom provided local telephone service and long-distance calling, Internet service, and wide area network connectivity via frame relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, or dedicated point-to-point telecommunication circuits. Deltacom also provided directory assistance to its own customers and sold the service to other carriers.

"No Cohesion between sales and service" says a Deltacom former employee on "Indeed" on January 2, 2018:

"No Cohesion between sales and service

Sold many systems and they were not installed properly. After repeated attempts to fix the problem, I determined that there just was no interest in people doing their job installing. Many excuses, reasons - they just did not care at the end of the day."


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"Lied about starting pay."

Former Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"Very poor customer service and internal communication."

Senior Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Sold many systems and they were not installed properly. After repeated attempts to fix the problem, I determined that there just was no interest in people doing their job installing. Many excuses, reasons - they just did not care at the end of the day.LocationEmployees did not care"

Certified Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Commission structure kept changing to prevent corporate from paying more than salary. Local technical support was good. Corporate tech support was inadequate."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"• Sell wired voice and data solutions in the small business segment. • Prospect daily on the phone and in the field. • Develop and cultivate both internal and external business relationships. • Manage and analyze performance reports; evaluate and adjust sales strategies to customer needs. • Provide recommendations for financial and performance improvements to client services."

Field Technician Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work for, was there for 6 years and learned a lot and got to advance somewhat, very hands on as far as training which helps you out in the long run."

Technical Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for almost 7 years and I never once felt that my key code was safe. I loved my job and my co- workers but I did not love the fact the company was in constant turmoil. I still do not understand why I was eliminated. Hi India.great benifitsno job security"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"In the 8 years total I worked for this company it underwent a lot of changes. Most were NOT good changes. There is a large turnover rate. Mainly due to managers and supervisors only being in their position not because of what they know but who they know. Also don't plan to retire with this company they always seemed to find a way to eliminate jobs and people who were close to retiring. Overall is gossip and drama filled and not worth the headachegood pay for a small townOnly dealing with business customers is nice"

Office-Managerin/Vertriebsassistentin (Former Employee) says

"dieses Unternehmen hat mir leider gar nicht zugesagt, es war kein Teamarbeiten möglich und der Umgang untereinander war nicht schön."

Network Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great management that taught me a lot at a crucial time in my career. Many opportunities to take classes and cross-train with other teams. Re-org led to layoffs."

Senior Field Service technician (Former Employee) says

"worked transport/ Dac's/nortel DMS 500/ Sonet Nortel Mux's testing ckts for Q&A everdaypto buildupmanagement/non team players/ poor benefits"

Lead Tech / Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working in provisioning.Difficult to advance.Long hours with little reward.provisioningmaintainence"

Credit Analyst, Collections Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day in the collections department is a day of fun-filled adventure. My position as a Team Lead/Supervisor is to take all escalated calls, handle staff assignments and review the daily task for reporting and compliance laws. As a collector, I always think that a psychology major should be required because you have to deal with so many personalities. It is never easy discussing someone’s finances and definitely not easy doing that over the phone because after all this is their living. The hardest part of this job is having to tell customers that you have to pay me before you pay someone (which may mean a person) if you want your service. Just saying the word collections brings on a negative tone. The best part of my job is my team of employees.flex timehaving to say no to a customer, when they are what keeps your business going."

CHARGE D'ASSISTANCE (Former Employee) says

"Travailler sympa et facile mais le salaire es bas et pas d’évolution dommage"

General Ledger Accountant (Former Employee) says

"This review is pointless since the company was bought out. I can't really review the company that owns them now. So you'll have to find someone else to ask."

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Telecommunications is a cut throat, face paced environment. Sales were key and nothing less than perfection is accepted. I enjoyed visiting clients and working with them to extend their contracts.Fun was priority, collaboration.Number quotas, high pressure."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"it started off hard cause it was something new and different for me but got better with time. but not being able to speak my mind to the customers after being degraded was very hard for me"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"inbound call center for customer using information or 411 by cell phone, residential phone and business offices phone. Call my come in at a fast pace, the key to this job is listening for what the customer is asking for. Send the correct information is a plus. Looking up for the customer and give good customer service.overtime was availablemontoring call at the some time"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"get out and sale the product, compete with other companies for business. Sales presentations daily, all new customers. Meeting every morning and competitions between colleagues monthly.Freedom, non micromanagingbusiness had their phone lines messed up alot. bad publicity"

Électricien bâtiment (Former Employee) says

"Apprentissage de 8mois temp plein. Formation amiante, habilitation électrique, ssiap, sst, formation acquise grâce à deltacomsanspas davantage"

National Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Account Management, design, implementation and sales of data, voice and Internet access and CLEC services to National Accounts customers in the Southeast Region of US. Responsibilities included generation of new business and management of existing customers. Responded to RFPs, negotiated contracts, designed voice and data solutions, implemented new service and billing reviews.Working for an awesome sales manager that I worked for at MCIWorldComDealing with the constraints and challenges of a regional network."

Electronic Technician (Former Employee) says

"Planned, directed, and controlled on the job training for customer service employees. Analyzed training requirements for new employees and proposed new courses and content for continuous training. Prepared schedules for new employee training orientation for efficient transition to database software. Maintained records for accurate reports and monitored employee comprehension. Provided one on one instruction and tutoring to individuals to ensure attainability of company objectives and goals." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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